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Good news or bad news.

I don't know why that when we get good or bad news, we feel like binge eating. My parents gave me great news about something that I will be able to do and I was acting happy, but now I feel like I can't do it and have the feeling to binge eat. I hate myself and just want to cry and not give into this feeling. Nothing matters anymore because I still have this problem with food.

Good news or bad news

Dear London162, I get it It's so gratifying to do something I really want to do and for whatever reason can't. How natural to want to feel gratified and enjoy something good. Coming here helps me not feel alone with my struggle and hang on. Be gentle with London162, o.k.?


I totally understand because I feel that way so often also and then I end up hating myself if I give in. I never actually binge eat but I quite often overeat at any rate. It's a very precarious situation that we put ourselves in because we want to reward ourselves in some way for good things and are automatic tendency to seems to be to gravitate towards food. I hear your frustration and I'm sorry. Hopefully you can go back to relishing the good news and not hating yourself like the aforementioned poster said be gentle with yourself. Take care


Thank you so much for your replies and what you are saying. Your both nice. Hugs.