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Treatment Options for Long-Term ED?

Hello all,

This is my first post in this (or any) eating disorders-related forum or group. I'm a 29-year-old male (former competitive distance runner) who has struggled with a variety of eating disorders for close to the last decade. For me, disordered eating started with extreme caloric restriction for the first few years, followed by years of back and forth between binge eating and periods of restriction. At the present time, I'm dealing with what I know is a very unhealthy behavior pattern. As you might expect, those patters involve semi-frequent overexertion and injury. I've also developed an all-or-nothing mindset where I either am able to track everything I eat and hit my nutrition goals perfectly OR have very large binges. More often than not, I find myself "staying on track" during the workweek, then bingeing during the evenings of each weekend, often surpassing X calories on days of binges.

Intellectually, I know I'm doing short and long term damage to my mind and body (which, at moments, is utterly terrifying), but I find myself cycling through periods of motivation and utter hopelessness and am at the point where I know I need outside help (in some way) to begin on the pathway toward some kind of recovery. Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations about where and how to start? My spouse has some idea of my challenges with food, but I've largely played down the fact that this is still a prominent issue in my life. Additionally, I'm not sure if I should consider some kind of out- or in-patient treatment, possible medications, or therapy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Hello! Welcome to the NEDA

Hello! Welcome to the NEDA forums! We would like to let you know that we edited your post to remove detailed descriptions of disordered eating behaviors, as well as calorie numbers, which are not allowed on the forums. You can review our community guidelines here. Thanks for your understanding and please continue posting! 

Im sorry you feel this way, I

Im sorry you feel this way, I feel similarly- even the restrict/binge... I just kept saying to my different providers there might be an issue and now I'm starting treatment. I know i have more than other people may but if you don't go to any therapy maybe consider starting SOMETHING at least to talk to SOMEONE about this even if you can't find an ED place at first. I couldn't starting, the closest IOP is 1.5 hrs away but if you're ready enough you'll be able to get somewhere i hope

Eating disorders are mainly


No Neda representation

Let me start by saying that I am kind of angry. With regard to Men with eating disorders, NEDA states all the obvious observations that I've seen stated for the last 12+ years. I.e... men with Ed's are "under-represented". Blah, blah... "stigmas". So why are we still at a stand-still on the topic. If anyone really cared about men with eating disorders, I would have expected to see advancements on the narrative by now. Instead, just more of the same repeated statements like the ones on this sight.
Add to that, at first glance (after an hour spent on the site) I do not see any information or insights on the topic of eating disorders in the senior community. Sure there are upfront statement about how Ed's cross socio-economic lines; gender lines; ethnicity lines, but no mention of age lines. This exclusion of an affected demographic makes me so sad and disheartened.
I am a 57 year old male who has struggled with Anorexia for the past 14 years.
In terms of NEDA, I don't even exist.

I have to say, this is so

I have to say, this is so remarkably similar to what I have experienced myself, including the downplaying to my girlfriend. I truly do believe the first step is telling them, and seeking professional help. Getting said professional help allows you to identify the patterns which are harmful and need to be stopped, while having loved ones be aware of your struggles can help you kick those habits/behaviours. I have only been recovering for a few months really, but those are what I found were key. I wish nothing but the best for you.