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Scared of going into recovery and vacation

I got referred to a recovery clinic a month ago and I’m going to the information session next week. I’ve been so scared and it sent my ed into overdrive because I felt like I needed to restrict as much as possible before entering recovery but now a few days after the informatoon session I’ll be travelling to go visit my partner. We have so many fun ideas to do together and they want to take me to a fancy dessert place and an amusement park to try a dessert option since I’ve never had one before so I keep restricting in anticipation and don’t know how to stop. I’m scared of getting refeeding syndrome while I’m there and scared of not having control over cooking everything myself. I don’t know what to do. I know I’ll have them there to support me and they said that if there’s anything they can do to help that they will which is wonderful but its still terrifying. Has anyone gone through anything similar? Does anyone have any advice to get out of this and feel safe and ok? I have ocd too and it feels like I’m going to be punished.


Hi, rhysbun! Thank you for posting! We’re sorry to hear about your concerns so we hope that you get the support you deserve here on the forums! We slightly edited your post as some details might be triggering for other members of the forum. Please take a look at our community guidelines here: For precaution we are posting up some signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for. The following are just some of the signs of a serious problem that demands immediate medical attention:• accidentally or deliberately caused themselves a physical injury• become suicidal• confused thinking and is not making any sense• delusions (false beliefs) or hallucinations (experiencing things that aren’t there)• disoriented; doesn’t know what day it is, where they are or who they are• vomiting several times a day or has uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea• experiencing dizziness or fainting spells• too weak to walk or collapses• painful muscle spasms• complaining of chest pain or having trouble breathing• blood in their bowel movements, urine or vomit• a body mass index (BMI) of less than 16• an irregular heartbeat, and fast heartbeat, or very low heart beat (less than 50 beats per minute)• cold or clammy skin indicating a low body temperature or has a body temperature of less than 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees FahrenheitOr any other serious medical concernsIf you happen to experience any of the above, we highly recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Another option is 911.  If you’re looking for resources, please feel free to contact the Helpline at (800) 931-2237. The Helpline is open Mondays-Thursdays 9AM-9PM EST and Fridays 9AM-5PM EST. During these hours you can chat with us also by clicking the chat now option at the top right hand corner!  Please continue posting!


I'm so sorry no one has answered your post yet. Sometimes we get inundated with so many posts that we get flooded with guilt ourselves and are unable to respond the way we would like to. I'm not really sure how to respond to yours other than to just say that I'm lending my support to you and I'm glad that you're getting the help that you need. I totally get the urge to restrict as much as possible before going into recovery because I did that too. Just be open to getting the help you need. Let us know what's going on when you get back. I wasn't sure if this is an impatient thing or if it's a partial and that you're able to continue looking at this website in between time. At any rate keep us posted when you're able.


hello rhysbun, I hope you're doing alright. I know it can be really scary not being in control of your eating. If you get nervous, you can always just not pressure yourself to fully eat the desserts, but try each one as to please your partner? I know that getting certain syndromes can be terrifying too but if you are aware of symptoms, you can get help if you feel ill. Also, you could look up some preventative measures, or ask a doctor how to avoid it. I have OCD-tendencies too, and its difficult escaping routines, but sometimes it helps me to find a way to put my anxiety and compulsions into a safer activity. I don't want to trigger anyone by explaining my exact behaviors, but usually if I feel compelled to do something, I'll find a way to make that behavior a little safer if that makes sense? L