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Return of periods or not

I had anorexia at 19 then followed with 30 years of Bulimia and my periods stopped, I was told this is called Amenorrhea as they stopped in my late 30s will they return once I have recovered or as I have probably passed the menopause age will it mean I will never get them back ,thanks for any info.


That can really only be answered by your doctor. We are not professionals, so we can't answer that question.

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I'm sure that can be frustrating not knowing, try looking on other resources or forums here that might have people sharing similar experiences!


Hi. Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear of your long struggle with eating disorders. It has had to be very difficult. Have you had any support or people in your life that you have been able to reach out to or help you? What about therapy? Has any helped, have you had any? How are you doing now? Sorry for the questions. About the loss of your cycle, I do not know and as the others have said, that would be something your OBGYN would have to talk with you about. Our bodies are all so different and heal differently. Some women get their cycles back relatively quickly after weight restoration or stopping behaviors and others take a lot longer. So we can not really help you on that one. But we can support you in other ways. I hope you post again and let us know how you are doing.

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See a womens specialist

That could be related to many other Female factors. I had irregular P's too and after a sonigram they found ovarian cysts, as well as fibroids too. I have more of the NOS type of ED and over the yrs occasionally periods do stop.