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I am going to start purging again .... I just don’t know why I needed to stop. Stopping was suppose to make me happy or healthy or whatever. But I feel big and gross l.

It's not

Good for you and may cause sudden death. Did purging in the past make you happy? It can cause a lot of problems and make you feel even guiltier than you may already feel. It will only cause pain and misery and health problems. I know it's up to you, but I would highly encourage you to reconsider.


Hi Charliebarr-
I can relate with how you're feeling- even knowing not using behaviors is healthier, feeling so terrible it seems like using behaviors is a way to feel better- if only for that moment. And it may offer temporary relief but as Savedbygrace said, will only cause further complications and will not solve the deeper issues, the underlying of how we feel about ourselves. I know for me in my ED, even in my lowest weight, I still felt just as terrible. I know it's hard to not give into ED when things just don't feel good. I would encourage you to talk with someone or perhaps try journaling about how what feelings are there- as much as it may seem like engaging in behaviors is the answer, ED lies- and is never truly going to lead to the outcome we hope for.
I hope you keep posting & let us know how you're doing <3