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Overshot and stuck

I was anorexic for 7 years. I entered treatment three and a half years ago. When I did my weight rapidly shot up and far surpassed my normal preEd weight. It’s been stuck here for over two years. I am considered obese and feel gross. Mentally I’ve recovered from the anorexia but physically my body is staying at this overweight place no matter what I do and I don’t know what to do. I’m close to relapsing because I can’t stand the weight. Has anyone gone through this? Overshot at a much much higher weight and had it go down? How long did this take? And just to clarify, it isn’t just in my head, I am obese now and do need to lose weight, but my body literally won’t! What is going on?


I actually have the same problem right now. I was anorexic and when I went into recovery I kept gaining weight and I am at too high of a weight for my height and age range which freaks me out beyond belief. I mentioned it to my therapist and she said a couple of things that make sense. One, the body knows where it wants to be and will stay there until it feels comfortable going somewhere else. When I told her that it continues to escalate however and it is way too much oh, she mentioned it could be that my body is trying to decide if it can trust me. In other words, it doesn't know if I'm going to be feeding it from one meal to the next so it's hanging on to as many calories as possible. So until it knows that I'm going to be feeding it on a regular basis and with the proper amount of nutrition oh, it's going to play Havoc with me and hang on to everything. And obviously I don't know your situation and I have no right to diagnose you. This is something you need to be discussing with your doctor and therapist. I'm just letting you know what my situation is.

How long

Thank you for responding. That is what they tell me too. But I've been this heavier weight now for two years! And it's a lot overweight. I would have to lose a good amount to get back to a normal and healthy weight. Like when will it decide it can trust me and let go of this extra weight. I feel awful and it's making my Ed and body image worse


Unfortunately, that is different for everyone, so there really isn't an answer. I'm sorry.

What do you mean? That it

What do you mean? That it might not go back down? Or the time it will take to go back down is always different? Have you ever heard of anyone overshooting this much and it going back down? Everyone is different sure, but am I just done and stuck fat or should I still believe it will go back down?


I can't predict that for you. It will take time for your body to settle where it wants and needs to be.


Something that both my therapist and psychiatrist have said to me when I voice concern about being overweight is that they're not concerned because I am healthy. This country puts too much emphasis on being a certain weight to determine if your healthy. The number that they use based on someone's height to say that their weight is now considered making them obese is ridiculous. There are so many other factors to take in to consideration. And the biggest thing to remember regardless of even what your measurements may be is that if your blood work is coming back fine and you have no heart problems or liver problems or other problems with organs and various issues like that oh, who's stinking cares what size and weight you are? I know it's easier said than believed because I'm still struggling with it. I just know that my therapist and psychiatrist are not concerned with my weight gain because I do have no health issues. So it gets down to being able to accept yourself for who you are inside and not worrying about how you look on the outside. Again, easier said than believed and I hope that this gives you a little bit of comfort. Remember, it's the Ed talking that says you're fat and obese. Who cares what your BMI really is if you're eating properly. I know this may not be any consolation and yet I hope it is to an extent. Take care and keep us posted as to how you're feeling