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Seriously Struggling with Therapist

I have been in recovery for over 5 months now. As per usual, there are good days/weeks and bad days/weeks. Recently, though, I have had a really hard time with my therapist. I go to see them after having pretty decent weeks and leave feeling so much worse - not because any deep rooted issues get brought up or anything along those lines, but because they just do not help me in a constructive way. I've recently been leaving in tears only to go home and binge or restrict because I am trying to cope. These behaviors come into play after not being significant for a few days until I see my therapist.

I am so irritated and I do not want to continue with therapy. My dietitian is amazing and I feel SO good going to see her.

Can anyone else relate to this and, if so, what did you do/have you done?? This is my second therapist and I have been with her for about 3.5 months now on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

What’s happening?

Hi kmurphy777,

Do you know what happened jn there that made you feel this way?
And do you trust your therapist?

Sometimes therapy works in a funny way that ot made it worse in the beginning, but if you don’t trust her (or him) you should ask for another therapist. If you do trust her, mention this to her so you can discuss this and work on a different approach maybe. Or she/he will explain why he/she is approaching it in this way.

Hope this helps. Take care!


Hi Kmurphy-

First of all, congratulations on being in recovery- that is awesome! I'm sorry you have been struggling so much with your therapist. I just wanted to check in and see if you've thought any more about how to proceed. I would agree with the previous post in that if you feel comfortable, you could express to your therapist what is/is not helpful and see if they are receptive. I know my therapist is always encouraging me to discuss any feedback/response to them or how I am feeling in the therapeutic relationship. Therapy is about you and you should be feeling like even if it's hard work, your therapist at least understands you/is supporting you in a way that is helpful. I know sometimes it can be a trial and error so if you do decide this isn't the right fit, that is okay too- I know it can be intimidating to think about starting over with someone else, but sometimes it does take a while before we find someone whose style clicks with us. Keep us posted on how you're doing!