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Why am I getting therapy now?

Hi all,

Just searching for some insight. Long story short...I struggled with anorexia about 9 years ago and was hospitalized. After treatment, I developed binge eating disorder which later developed into bulimia which I struggled with for almost four years. I ended up moving to another state with my boyfriend where we lived with my parents for almost a year. My bulimia completely stopped, I did not have the option whatsoever to purge or binge being around my parents or someone almost any time I was home. We recently moved out...almost a week ago and I am terrified the bulimia will begin again. I sought out a therapist and have been going every other week. I continue to exercise 4 x weekly and my therapist feels I am restricting my food. I eat the same things practically every day and calorie count daily.

What I am struggling with it why am I getting therapy now when I feel the most stable? No binging no purging and my weight has basically been stable. I feel guilty for going and almost feel now I need to PROVE I have an issue with food. It almost feels like I am thinking more about food now than I was prior to therapy. I don’t know if this is a normal feeling.

accepting help

Hi Kgd10,

I understand what you are saying. However i get a double message from you. You kind of stopped the ED on your own? Or did you receive treatment in the time you lived at home? Anyways, maybe it's time to get to the bottom of things since you are afraid the ED will come back. The only way to prevent that is to keep trying day by day i think.

Also therapy is not to prove you have an ED. it's to give you help with the things you are worrying about and are stuck with. This can be ED or not ED related. That doesn't matter!

I also have the same feeling of needing to prove in order to get treatment, but i'm in the stage of getting accepted. However, I tried to be as honest as I can and will keep hoping they will get me the treatment I need. I hope you can be honest as well and don't need to exaggerate anything.
If you need validation to receive help: everybody deserves this. If you have (currently) an ED or not, this doesn't matter. You need help in order to get and/or stay better. To recognize this is a big step and I can only cheer for you that you take this step so bravely.

Take care and hope this takes a little bit your concerns away and can now focus on getting better instead of getting treatment.


Thanks for your words.

Thanks for your words.

I did kind of stop on my own. I binged and purged the day before we moved and then stopped once we moved. I had strong urges to but the opportunity so to speak was never there. There was always someone around that made it impossible. I feel a strong sense that now that the opportunity is there again, I will give in.

And I only seeked a therapist a couple months ago when I noticed these thoughts strongly coming through again and feel of bringing the bulimia back. I haven’t binged or purged in almost 300 days. I’ve lost xx lb since moving almost a year ago.

Positive :)

So then is now to get to the problems behind it, so you can beat it forever. Take this as a positive thing to now work on yourself.

Take care!

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