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physical pain

I am really suffering from what a doctor said is a stomach ulcer and I am concerned for my overall health, when I should be feeling great because I have 7 months free from restrictive ED behaviors. I have had several "flare ups" causing me extreme nausea, feeling excessively full after small amounts of food, throwing up acid, stomach pains, dizziness, and this morning I passed out twice trying to get to the bathroom, scaring my mom who thought I was having a seizure. I only remember standing up the first time I passed out and then sitting on the toilet, I have no recollection of the second time I passed out at all. I do suffer from low blood pressure, which has caused me to pass out from standing up too fast in the past, and could of gotten up out of bed to abruptly I suppose. But today I am again suffering a flare up, and now have pain on my left side like a side ache from exercising, every time I breath. My concern is this issue has caused too much of a weight loss, and this passing out was a result of my body being too weak. I don't own a scale so I don't know what I weigh, and I have been thinner in my disorder, but I can tell I am lower than I should be to be healthy. I ate a solid and healthy dinner in spite of the nausea and pain it creates, but that was all I managed to get down all day. I am very disappointed because I am truly in recovery finally, and yet I feel worse now than I ever felt in my disorder days. I have a follow up appointment next week to try and get to the bottom of this ulcer with tests, and finally get the correct medication to manage it. I was at first triggered by the sudden weight loss with thoughts of trying to maintain this lower weight, but I have used the many tools I've learned to just acknowledge such thoughts, and let them pass with no acting out on them so far. Before this ulcer I was at the gym again finally, starting to feel strong and fit again. Now I can barely get through my shift at work, needing to sit down to catch my breath several times from standing too long. So that's my problem now and I wonder if anyone out there has ever dealt with an ulcer before, and got through it somehow better then I am so far? I at least passed my state exam and am officially re-certified as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor again. Sorry for such a long post to ask a simple question, but I needed someplace to express my disappointment and concern for my health. Thanks

You need

To go to the ER. Something is wrong and your symptoms are extremely concerning. Congratulations on passing the test.


Thanks for the concern, I am waiting it out until I see my primary care physician on Tuesday. I'm a little better today, bur overall weak and low energy. I was able to hold down three healthy, but bland, meals. I'll post again after I see the doctor.