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Hello. I am really happy that you were encouraged by my post. It is absolutely the BEST thing you can do to begin to heal now from the eating disorder that you have. I say it that way because it isn't "your" eating disorder. It is affecting you and you suffer, but it is important to not allow it to become a part of your identity. For me, my identity is in Jesus, my Savior. I never call it
"my" eating disorder anymore. First of all, I don't have one anymore. But when I did or when I refer to "it" I use language such as the or it so that I don't allow it to be a part of me, and when I talk to others I say the or it so that I don't put the identity of the eating disorder on the person I am "talking" with. Please do all you can do now so that you don't do what I did. Thirty years of suffering. You don't have to do that. Talk with a therapist about what is bothering you. Pain you have. Bullying you may have experienced. Or are now experiencing. If you have had trauma, talk about it, as difficult as it may be. These are key in being able to say no to the eating disorder. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort, but it is SOOOOO worth the fight. I wish you the best and keep up the fight. Flex your recovery muscle, my idea, and the more you work out the recovery muscle the stronger it gets and the easier it is to fight the eating disorder. You can do it and don't wait. You are brave and I send you Hope and encouragement. Take care,

iwanttolive Thanks for wishing my sister well. I also hope she gets better.


I just read a comment you posted and you said that you are self harming. Please get help for that. I did that for many years and it is very dangerous. You do not know how dangerous it is. And it is addictive. It seemingly helps in the moment but that is because the brain sends off chemicals that do give a sense of calming, but it doesn't last. Your pain is real. You don't have to measure your pain against another's. Your pain is your pain and it is real and important just as much as another's. You deserve help just as much as the next person. I am glad you are eating. That is very good and you need to give yourself credit for that. My Mom worried that she would get a call or a knock on the door in fear of me because of the self harming. We don't realize how sick we are when we are sick. We don't realize how dangerous our behaviors are, because we want to be able to keep doing what we think will bring relief. It doesn't. I was in danger of dying from my eating disorder but I denied the reality of how ill I was. We are blind as many are who are stuck in destructive cycles. Do whatever you need to do to stop self harming. Get help and be honest with your therapist about the frequency and what you are doing. You can't say it here but you can to your therapist. You matter. Even if people say you don't. God made you for a reason and you matter to Him and to others. You are special and have things to offer that only you can. So say yes to recovery. Say yes to life. The more you say yes to the good and no to the destructive, the stronger you will become. Again, I wish you the best.

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