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My son is 13. He has been a picky eater since he started eating solid food pretty much. Over time, it has gotten much worse. He will say he is hungry, but nothing sounds good. No matter what I suggest, I usually hear, "That doesn't sound good." He will eat only about a dozen things. And food items keep dropping off the list. He used to like a certain food, but won't eat it anymore-no good reason-he says he doesn't like it. He is NOT intentionally anorexic. He WANTS to eat, but can't force himself to if something doesn't 'sound good' to him. Feeding him is my number one worry and stress. He ends up eating alot of fast food because that is what I can get him to eat at times and he doesn't like more than a couple of things I make. He is now starting to say he doesn't like fast food-so the list is dwindling even smaller. He is in a certain percentile in weight for his age/height. He also hates this. He is a very anxious child and exhibits some OCD tendencies.
I have never heard of this type of eating disorder issue before. His doctor doesn't seem to be much help. I have had him to counseling for anxiety and that didn't help at all. I feel this may be a brain chemistry issue and don't know where to turn. Has anyone else had an issue similar to this?


Hi. I am sorry you are having such difficulties with your son. He says he isn't anorexic but if he isn't eating and is refusing food, that is a problem, as you know. AFRID. That is an eating disorder where suffers can only eat certain foods. I think it is called AFRID. You would do good if you spoke or chatted with a NEDA volunteer. They can help you more than I can and give you advice I can't. I wish I could offer you more. I am sure it is scary for you and you worry a lot. Do you have other children? How are they doing with this? It may not be an eating disorder. It may be a sensory issue where certain foods are just not tolerated. I would suggest talking with a NEDA volunteer and they may be able to point you in the right direction. I am glad you posted and hope you get the help you need. Take care,


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Hi WorriedMom13, We are glad to hear that you are finding support here on the NEDA forums. A portion of your post was edited and deleted due to the mention of specific numbers and foods that may be triggering to other members of the forum. Our community guidelines are always available to review here: . In the event you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call the NEDA helpline at 1-800-931-2237 (Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm, Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST).