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PMS and Feeling Really Bloated Today

I worked all weekend, and at work, they had some desserts. Of course, I was tempted and ultimately gave in to my want for sweets. Today am in touch w/ my body and before I weighed in saw that I seem extra bloated. This is my only predictor of when periods are due, within a week or so.

So I weighed in and haven't maintained weight, it keeps fluctuating. I haven't been drinking as much as I had been. Feel like my hydration efforts go straight to my bloated tummy.

So today I weighed in more than I thought I should weigh in at. Hate to measure my day w/ a morning weigh in, but it tells me how much walking I need to do after dinner tonight, and whenever I have a break from 1 of my 2 jobs.

Almost have all my tax papers ready to file my 2018 taxes. This too is causing me to feel extra tight and anxious. This will be the only year filled w/ red tape during tax time. I pray to God to just help me to get this event over and done w/.

Feeling like I may cave the night of taxes and head straight for the Bakery at Safeway that night and reward my self for getting out and doing what I need to do for my citizenly legal duty for the year. My brother is on disability, he never has to
file taxes isn't he lucky....?

Just picturing tax time filing makes me experience a stomach ache and PMS cramping...

I actually have had normal periods for the last 2 times, which is weird as they had been skipping and not consistent, like every 2 to 3 months before I would have a period?

So now that my weight is on the higher end of my acceptability spectrum, my periods are like every 3 weeks, and I still hate having my period.

Oh well, gotta get ready for work, must exercise tonight after work. Bye all, take care and watch out for Cupid's Sharp Arrow, he might bite you and that definately causes weight gain, oopsy...