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An apology to savedbygrace

Hello savedbygrace.

Yesterday you stated that my post about my husband was inappropriate and triggering. I am sorry for that and have deleted the entire thread.

I have found support here and want to express my thanks, especially to Bob, for the good counsel. I will seek assistance from my real-life therapist and friends from now on. I mistakenly thought this was a protected forum only for spouses, thus I was careless in my speech.

With gratitude and wishing you all the very best in your recovery journey. May you be well, happy, and full of joy.

Thank you

The part I was referring to was the physical description you gave of his body. Just giving you an explanation of what was triggering. Best of luck to you and your husband.


I'm glad that you felt some support here - That's the main thing. If you ever feel like coming back and updating us, I'd be glad to hear how things are going.

With every best wish to the both of you,

Bob J.

No problem

Best wishes