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also worried I may binge soon...I am a bit stressed right now! Need support :/

What's going on?

You can get through this. Perhaps talking to me about it would help. Why do you want to binge? Are there other things that have worked in the past to help keep you from binging?


Hi girlsrule123--

Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing? We're here for you!


I am doing better..thanks!


Hi- just wanted to say I am sorry you are having urges to binge and offer you support. Can you write in a journal to discover what you are feeling? I acknowledge negative self-talk and then let it go to my Higher Power and believe it or not, it works. Trying to use will power only triggered more obsession so I don't do the fight any longer and I give it to God. When I was having urges I reminded myself that I could choose to binge tomorrow perhaps but just for today I didn't need to make that choice. Sometimes it was an hour by hour reminder that a binge would always be an option but for an hour I could refrain. It helped me so I thought I'd pass it along to you to try. The hours turned into days and now I no longer have urges, but therapy and a 12-step program also helped. Hang in there and post again if it helps.

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