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Acquaintance of mine that may have an eating disorder

Hi, so my mom has one friend whose son seems to have an eating disorder, he has lost a lot of weight, exercises vigorously and apparently (his mom doesn't know yet) he is throwing up after meals. He is not my friend but I've known him for a long time and I myself am recovering from anorexia so I kinda know what is happening.
The problem is that I can't help him because my mom told me about his problems so I am not supposed to know anything about it and if I talk to him, I'll let my mom as a gossiper, but his mom is not doing anything to help him so I am desperate and don't know what to do!

Hi, yae_tu, we're sorry to

Hi, yae_tu, we're sorry to hear that someone you know might have an eating disorder! We understand how complicated the situation must be given that you don't have any relationship to them! We hope the information on this page might be helpful if you or someone you know might want to reach out to him: We hope that you can find the support you're looking for here on the forums! If you need any additional support, please feel free to reach out to the NEDA Helpline at (800) 931 - 2237 (Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 9 PM EST Friday 9 AM - 5 PM EST) or chat with us (top right hand corner). Please also take a look at our community guidelines:  


Hi. Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for the position you are in. Maybe your Mom can share with his mother her insights and thoughts? How are you doing? It this causing your struggle to worsen? I would suggest talking to your Mom and tell her of your concerns for him and that you want him to get help. Maybe the two of you can figure something out. That way you won't feel like you are breaking a confidence. Sometimes though, for the sake of health, it needs to be done. Better to lose a friend in terms of fellowship that to lose that friend to death. A though answer I know. Eating disorders are deadly as I think you may be aware of. I will pray that you know what to do. Please let us know how things go. I am also sorry this sat for such a long time
iwanttolive Thank you for careing