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Ughh, @ highest end of my weight spectrum, am feeling pathetic, and powerless....

On a winter break from job # 1, and been working tons of overtime hours at my job #2 , at the mall. I just stepped on the scale yesterday and realized; since I haven't been exercising for almost 1 month, due to a foot problem, I have managed to re-gain too much weight for what i call acceptable for my body.

I must begin walking for my exercise routine again. Must return to routine slowly as I never want this problem to reoccur ever again.

Also frustrated over the irregular period in the last 2 weeks, been spotting and very heavily too.

Not feeling too happy about these body changes which i am feeling powerless over, until being able to exercise at the level i was doing b4 my stupid foot injury is possible.

Oh well, Happy Holidays too all...

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