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Eugenia Cooney

I looked this person up after I read about her in one of the posts on the forum. Is there any way to have her banned from social media all together?


Trust me, there have been hundreds if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of discussions about her and her situation on the various peer-to-peer ED forums. She makes her living doing those YouTube videos, so there's not a lot of incentive on her part to stop. And remember, she's not the only person with anorexia on YouTube, so if they banned her, where would it end ?

The issue for most people seems to be her refusal to admit that she has ANY sort of problem at all. If she did admit to having an ED, all those clothing companies that send her free clothing to model would stop sending them to her. Plus she'd pretty much have to go into recovery, which she's clearly not interested in doing. And she'd lose her income. So if she admits to any sort of problem, essentially her gig will be over.

Apparently she supports both her mother and herself on her YouTube earnings, so there are fingers to be pointed at her mother as well. The grapevine says that all of her friends and relatives are indeed worried about her, but that when the topic is brought up by those who are close to her, she gets upset and refuses to talk about it.

The only solution that people can see is for her to get legally sectioned, as she is an adult, and can't be forced into treatment without some kind of court order. . But a judge would have to be convinced that she was unable to look after herself, which given her success in making an income, might be a difficult thing to argue.

But yeah, she is an ongoing topic of conversation on the ED forums - The general consensus being that she is a sweet girl, but even people who are active in their EDs themselves continue to fear for her life, and worry that she may be a bad influence on young people.

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Representations of extreme thinness in social media can have serious impacts for those who are struggling with eating concerns. There are also other complex psychological, social, cultural and biological components that can come together to pose risk factors for the development of eating disorders. For more information on eating disorders you can go to our website: If you are concerned you can take our screening:

Eugenia getting medical help !!

A big deal all over the web and the various forums today. She'd notably not been posting as frequently as she normally does, and as a result, people have been considerably more worried than usual.

Then a brief tweet showed up on her Twitter feed today, saying that she was seeing a doctor, and would be taking a break from social media for a while.

No one is quite sure what the exact situation is, but there was even a tweet yesterday from the local police department in her town, saying that they were aware of her and of people's concerns, and that folks need to give her some privacy.

Whatever the situation actually is, given all the commotion, I suspect that there's no turning back for her now, as far as the subject of recovery is concerned.


It's great that things are changing for her.

We'll see I guess.

We'll see I guess. Recovery is hard enough as it is, without the idea that almost two million followers are going to be wondering how you are doing.


I'm sorry but it sounds like youre feel like that
but im afraid there is no way to ban their account


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