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All the Physical Weirdness

Hey, I know I'm not super active on here (only posted once when I was unfortunately still active in my illness) so I appreciate you reading me. I'm a 28 year old female in recovery from severe anorexia. I unfortunately experienced a bout of homelessness after my post and became even sicker due to circumstance, despite wanting badly to heal both physically and mentally. Luckily, my situation is finally stabilized and I've been eating much better. As I am both low-income and uninsured, formal treatment was not in the cards for me. But, I've held myself accountable to eating the amounts a treatment center would likely have had me at and working hard to challenge Ed's rules every day for a month.
Until this happened.
My body was severely malnourished and underweight at the beginning but eating to recover, I've experienced rapid weight gain that makes no logical sense. The math is just way too far off for me to have put on this much this fast. I've done some research and edema is a definite possibility, but not knowing for sure messing with me. I've gone from severely underweight to barely so in a freaking month and now I've basically struck a deal with myself to "just maintain." I've spent the last few days living in fear of gaining anymore as my body just doesn't seem to know what it's doing and I don't want to get huge by next month... That said, my mentality has obviously taken a hit and I'm back to obsessing about eating too much and micromanaging calories, etc... I could stand some advice, experience, brick to the head, anything you guys have. Thanks again so much for reading and good luck to y'all as well.


Hi. I am sorry you are not able to get formal treatment but it sounds concerning that you may have edema I do not know being I do not have all the facts but recovering from severe anorexia requires careful medical attention to prevent re-feeding syndrome, a serious reaction to eating too much too fast with trying to normalize your weight. I would call NEDA and ask them about free or low cost places to get treatment. It is really important that you seek medical attention from a medical doctor to make sure you are medically stable. I admire your desire to get well, however, am concerned about what you have said. Please try to be seen even by a clinic doctor if you don't have a personal one. It is really important to make sure you are okay. This can affect your heart. I am concerned. I am again proud of you for working so hard on this but sometimes a medical professional needs to be involved at some level. Please let us know how things are going.


I feel you; I was concerned

I feel you; I was concerned about refeeding syndrome as well. I upped my intake slowly on a schedule to try to avoid it and monitored my own blood pressure etc the first week. More than a month in, the danger phase has likely passed. It's pretty mind-blowing what the body can endure. Tbh I've thought about contacting neda for some resources but I've already had so many doors slammed in my face for lack of money/insurance that it's hard to motivate myself to try anymore. If you want something done right, do it yourself, eh? But that aside, I am super grateful you wrote me back and all and thank you for caring about my health. Hang in there too, ok?

find a therapist

and see a dietician at a health clinic or read some books at least on healthy eating. I walk for my exercise. You might try some lite exercise according to what you feel comfortable doing...Welcome here too.

Thanks. I don't know how

Thanks. I don't know how familiar you are with how the other half lives but I spend a solid ten hours a day on my feet and moving fast to pay my bills. Thanks for the welcome but I want to actually get better. Hope the same for you.

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