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Craving _______AGAIN, and its Worse

I was doing so well, staying on my Healthy Food regime. Then PMS hit and even after MS I'm still CRAVING for this specific junk food.

I feel guilty and Undisciplined to be craving this specific food. I even did well around Halloween time but this is like a wave hitting me and thrusting me into even deeper ocean waves just as i come up for air i am tossed and turned into a wave of all waves. Finally, until i am saved by a calming water and then no wave at ALL.

I swim in from the sandy beach which i finally being washed ashore to and only then do I feel clean and safe all over Again....

I don't ever plan to return to the ED inpatient which I had to stay at during the Summer. It was not realistic, and the boundaries just aren't there for me in my real environment here at home in my small suburban apartment in California, USA....

I have a fridge, and a stove, and cabinets w/ food and when my cravings hit sometimes its just difficult to deal with. Thank God for my journal, and for the walks, I take to relax from the temptation to binge....


@Chunkymonkey68 - Your post was edited because describing ED engaging behaviors is against our community guidelines. Thank you.

I'm aware that I'm no

I'm aware that I'm no authority on recovery but one thing I do know is that our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. If you're having cravings around PME, your body might be looking for something it needs during that time. That said, if you're worried about setting off a binge, perhaps try buying an individual serving of whatever it is, eating it out if possible?