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Gave in to Craving 1 Type of Flavor Last Night

I was feeling extra anxious and weak. When i went to store to p/u Lysol and few other things for the apartment I also p/u some dessert food which i was craving.

I caved and binged last night, early in the morning, on my weakness food. I ended up eating rapidly, binging on a few items of my 1 favorite flavor binge food.

I consider my binge last night a "Mini-Binge". I feel guilty because I haven't been able to take my walks lately after my day job. This is probably why I finally got my period after 2.5 months finally. I had to relax and accept dealing w/ my period that suddenly returned, and the corn on the bottom, of the outer pad, of my foot.

These are keeping me from my regular routine of speed walking after work. I feel guilty and out of control when i can't do something that's in my usual routine. The routine keeps me feeling in control and secure. When off routine then I feel amuck, and slightly miserable from extra anxiety.

Oh well...