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Am I overreacting...or just emotional maybe both

So my therapist thinks I am overreacting to things that are not that big a deal so she feels there are bigger things i am not talking about. And I am not in a good place emotionally which I am not but I still feel this situation was stressful for good reason... I have been extra stressed at work lately like Tuesday I went outside with 3 of the toddlers in bad luck all other classes went inside. So I had to go back inside while trying to unlock my classroom door the kids ran off in different directions I had to chase them down and I was so overwhelmed I mean there are gates at the end of the sidewalks so they could get out of the backyard of the daycare but it was like my fear something could have happened and I felt I have no control over my kids I finally got to another coworkers door and knocked she let me in with my 3 when I got a chance I went to the bathroom and cried texted my therapist she didn’t think It was a big deal it really felt like it and I feel people are not understanding fully why I was so upset my therapist I feel did not understand that situation or no one does except my coworkers so I don’t feel it was an overreaction...

Sounds like you needed to catch your breath

in lieu of venting to your therapist. Good luck I would see a therapist/shrink or MD about high anxiety and ways to cope w/ it so doesn't affect your work life.