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I awakened to a Huge pool of water in my abdominal area

I am freaking out. I don't know when my period is due, it tends to skip erratically every 2 to 3 months.

I feel so out of control as if someone is force feeding me in my sleep or pushing an IV drip of fluids.

I have had this procedure done a few times to me in the ER w/o a choice and the same thing happens the next day as a result of forced fluids or tons of supplements forced against my will.

I don't have infusion feeding at home coverage, so I hope I am being Paranoid.....

No 1 is gonna come to my apartment and make me chunk up w/ fluids and fatty supplements against my will. I am not even thin; I'm actually about xyz Lbs Overweight, w/ a few Bulimic Tendencies.....

OMG, I am running out of my caffeine diet supplement pills too...yikes am panicking over having to walk to a store for these during the heat wave. Actually have to drive or mail order from my fav store, Walmart.

I have no energy as have been off my Rx inhaler for last 3 weeks and feel so exhausted and now all amuck too. My retail eve schedule has had the brakes put on and I have gone from 25 hrs per week to like 10!!

Just found out I have a huge cavity in my back molar. I actually made it worse during a night binge when I broke it on a popcorn kernel.

I am super nervous, sensitive to cold stuff this side of my mouth, and super stressed out as the need to find a competent dentist to treat me is a current issue.

My current coverage has tons of inexperienced Dr's on the list only...Am having flashbacks to when I had top gun dentists in the 90's and they coated all my teeth w/ sealants to keep them extra preserved. When I did begin getting cavities, my top gun heroes were on me immediately, filling every new hole in my mouth as they popped up on my interproximal and lingual tooth surfaces tooo.

Now my top gun hero's are all retired or working in "Privileged" parts of CA. I feel old and abandoned...left here in the urban jungle of decay, and mediocracy. I am left with a new choice of dentists whose last names I cannot even pronounce.

They have hired a ton of holiday staff and unfairly taken my hrs away from me. I am older than most the new temps and my job happens to be necessary for keeping up w/ my lifestyle. God, I hope I can get my hrs back up to at least 20 per week.

Don't work until 5 PM tonight and 1st time having some extra free time. The weather is too hot to do my shopping where I usually just walk across the street to my local Safeway grocery store. I just p/u a new Rx for my long term inhaler.

The pharmacy gave me the wrong type of Rx for my AD Rx. They gave me an SR for 12 hrs in lieu of the XL for 24 hr release.

I had to emergency email my old Kaiser shrink. He was nice enough to be the 1 who called in my asthma inhaler too. I really appreciate that.

I am on Medicare for a few months until getting my Kaiser back in 2019 w/ Cov CA Kaiser. They have ED specialists too on that plan so perhaps I'll be able to find a women's support group early next 2019.

Just passed my educators online proficiency exam. It took a week to read between 2 jobs and then took the test on a separate day and passed it. Amen to that annual task, ughhh.

Gosh, i feel so fat. Please god make this extra water in the belly and super bloated feeling inside and resemblance on the outside go away and leave me alone, ASAP.

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