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Being honest

So been struggling but being honest with my therapist tomorrow. I followed my meal plan for the first time in ages and I didn’t weigh myself tonight I did this morning and knew I had to get it up as I know it is down from when I saw my nutritionist... my doctor told me if I get sick again it will be bad like it was last time she was proud of me for drinking the fluids and taking electrolytes but she said I am still dehydrated so I will be playing catch up if I get something just like before she said due to my missed periods she might do a bone density test abs blood work next month but I am scared I have a new insurance company starting November 1st my current insurance I pay nothing she costs $300 but she is the first doctor who has taken my eating disorder seriously my old doctor would be like you are anemic add iron like what....She also did blood work like once a year she was awful ...I would lose weight she would say nothing ...this doctor takes everything in to account even emotions like not 10 minutes with me like a whole hour I cannot lose that

I can't tell you anything

I can't tell you anything about the copay or insurance, but I sure know how it feels to struggle to be honest with your therapist. I have gotten better at "telling on myself." For me, I feel like it is a way of ME taking control over the eating disorder, instead of the ED controlling me. My therapist is pretty intuitive, but ultimately it is MY treatment, MY time, and MY money and I can choose to waste it or spend it as wisely as I choose. Sigh. But I work really hard to be honest, somewhat to avoid feeling guilty for not telling her the truth. And I really have respect for the therapy profession, in part because I am a therapist. It gets very conflicting.

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