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Weight is way up and feeling very frustrated.

In spite of being exhausted from working my 2 jobs, and managing to shop on my few days off for nutritious food.

I've had past 3 days off from my most physical job at the retail store working eves and every weekend.

So awaiting my new schedule only know up until Friday what hrs I am working.

Paychecks are down and weight is up, and I feel depressed over these factors too...

Still, need to p/u my low cal dairy foods at the store and take my walk tonight. Take care all...

Oh PS, ran out of my asthma inhaler so have gone cold turkey for a month almost w/o my Dulera inhaler. I think I had more energy w/ this primary inhaler. I only have my Emergency 1 currently. Need to see if pharmacy at Kaiser will fill my Medicare rx requests since I am no longer a Kaiser member until Feb when I join Cov CA for the Kaiser under their plan.

My Medicare covers inpatient but the co-pays are high and I must work 2 jobs so don't see this happening very soon...

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