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being attacked.

I simply do not know what to do. My sister who lives in a different state is telling me I was mean and rude to her and to the doctors at the hospital. She was not there. My friend who was said I was not mean to my sister, I only told her I couldn't talk to her. She wanted to continue the conversation, I was not able to move. Someone held the phone for me. I hung up. She called back and "I had my friend tell her I was unable to talk. She has been harassing me with texts. I have told her to please leave me alone as my anxiety is high. She tells me that I am unwilling to see the truth about who I am and how mean I am. She lives across the country. She tells me not to bother my parents about this but when I ask/tell her not to text me again she tells me I am not to tell her what to do. She said my "condition" clouded the way I treated the staff and family, namely her. Maybe if I accepted the truth I can see how she sees me. I told her I was having a lot of anxiety and to please leave all of this alone. To leave me alone. She can't. She keeps attacking me and my character. She seems to think just because she is a nurse she knows everything. She is being cruel and harsh. I will not read anymore of her texts and will not respond to her calls. She is mixing love and cruelty together. I feel like a piece of cattle dung. My sisters obviously don't like me and never have. I can not change that. I told her to leave me alone and she can't. My heart is broken. I am so depressed. It makes me want to die. I am not going to do anything, don't worry. Just how I feel. Not want to act. I made a special dinner for my parents who were away for ten days, and they were so thankful. I want to run away. Why do my sisters abuse me like this. I have suffered from emotional abuse from my sisters all my life. I thought we were getting along but only when I act in accordance with how she wants me to and do what she wants me to do. If I have my own opinion or say I don't want to talk about something I get lambasted. My heart hurts so much right now. Now my sister hates me. She also said I am sorry you can't see what many people can see. She lives across the country. She doesn't know me or how I am with my friends and parents. Or church people. I received a raving review from work. Exceeds expectations on every point, about fifteen. Not one just meets, all exceeds. My company loves me, my clients love me. My sisters don't.


Oh, how I feel for you iwanttolive. This is so unfair. If your sister is a nurse, she should understand that when people are in excruciating pain and crippling anxiety they don’t act how they normally would. Even if you were mean, you would get a pass because you weren’t in your right mind! My mom works in a hospital and I’ve been volunteering in a hospital and that’s how I see it. People get an extra level of grace when they are experiencing severe pain and anxiety. It’s not fair for her to also keep harassing you about it. My heart hurts for you. And that she was blaming things on “your condition.” That makes me sick. I’m glad your parents are home and that you have a good relationship with them. I hope they can offer you much peace and comfort in this time. My mom always used to tell me, let the words roll off you like water rolls off of a duck. Imagine these attacks rolling off of you. Don’t let them stick. Let them roll off. Remember who God says you are. Precious, Valued, Cherished, Loved. I’m proud of you for the raving reviews you received at your work. Remember you have friends who love you. And so many people over this forum that love you.
Take care and may God bless you and bring you peace,

Thank you

My Mom tells me the same thing. Let the words roll of like a duck!!!! Thank you for your kind words. I don't know why she is doing this to me. But as I said, my sisters have been abusive to me all my life. I asked my friend who was at the hospital with me if I was mean to my sister or the doctor. She said absolutely not. I was out of control for about five minutes yelling help me, I can't move, help me help me. But I wasn't yelling at the doctor, he wasn't even in the room. It was involuntary. I know who I am and that God loves me. I wear a bracelet that says, Jesus is enough. And I have to believe this. Thank you again.

I am so sorry you are being

I am so sorry you are being treated thus way you have always been so kind to me and I am sorry you feel so hurt. You are so strong you can get through this and I will be thinking of you take care of yourself you deserve it.

Are you out of the hospital now? You are OK I hope?

You were on a psych hold for your depression? I'm sorry I missed reading a post of yours explaining this all. I hope you are ok. Thank you for ALL your kind responses to my posts in the recent past...Take care and Rise above what you feel tries to Suppress your heart and desires and freedoms too.

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