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Constipated, and Bloated after the Weekend...

So the weekend came and haunted my appetite for carbs, and a rapid eating or stuffing should I say?

I was down a few pounds and then Somehow gained it all back overnight. I am not sure how that happened, last I looked was a bit lighter.

My computer thinks its out of paper when i just fed it an inch of fresh printer paper. Perhaps this is a metaphor for my atypical Ednos-binge-fast-exercise problem???

Exhausted and stressed over this year's tax and need to find med insurance fast as I canceled the 1 I had as mo premiums were way out of my affordability range.

Monday is the beginning day for changing my Medicare coverage. I need Kaiser but Cov CA is ridiculous as I only guestimated how much would earn for the up and coming year and yet the figure they quoted me for my New mo ins fees were like $638. Can't deal w/ that figure.

So had to go cold turkey off my Dulera inhaler for "asthma" and until get Kaiser again don't know what to do about this situation. Dont have a Medicare Dr and don't want 1 as I just choose my Kaiser one's and so it's all technical.

Kaiser shrink doesn't think i have an ED except for BED-type. Oh well so he doesn't take me seriously and am definitely not underweight but now the weight is almost back to the Normal range for my body type.

I feel like the exercise is paying off but realize must stop binge eating and find a new activity instead like journaling which only seem to do before work in the morning and not on weekend nights at home when might help me slow down b4 eating too fast and too furiously.

This pattern follows after an annoying retail night dealing w/ cookoo coupon bearing retail customers. The interest rate on the darn cr card is .25% so whatever, they are still being shafted once the balance is over a certain dollar amount...

P.S., nothing works around my retail store either! The hand sensor removers are always failing to remove the sensor w/o undue breast muscle toning efforts, the employee restrooms need mopping after 1/2 day as someone enters to use them and manages to wee all over the floor.

They need to mop floors w/ bleach at least 2x a day, morning and afternoon and even later evening too. The tables we eat at have all kind of cooties on them and look as though someone has managed to drool all over the table tops.

The vending machines sell predominantly junk food and now they are not working and when they do we need to use an ATM card, OMG...No dixie cups or plastic utensils or even salt and pepper shakers at the tables.

I just feel like I'm trying so hard and yet the place is depressing when I look down and remember where I am and that I haven't opened any new credit accounts for my day's quota either.

And, I still have a week and a half left at my sub assignment that has been on for the last month. The kids seem to either behave or act out behaviorally all at 1 time, towards the end of the day when myself and my para are a bit exhausted...

Perhaps these issues have something to do w/ eating upon arrival home to my new 1 bdrm apartment in the urbs of CA, USA...

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