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LGBT residential options?

20 yo Daughter has had one residential experience in the past, Looking for LGBt friendly options in the Massachusetts area, any experience with Belmont MA ?

Connecticut facilities?

Any guidance on questions to ask when looking for a residential facility?

Best suggestion

Is to talk to NEDA. We aren't allowed to mention facilities on here.


Hi. I am sorry your daughter is struggling. As we aren't allowed to give info on facilities, your best bet is to call the facilities and ask them any questions you may have about how their facility works. Such as is there individual therapy and how often. How many groups and what are they. Are the patients allowed in their rooms during the day, how much free time, phone privileges. Or anything that concerns you. NEDA may be able to give you the names of facilities but may not be able to recommend any. So if you do an internet search, I would definitely call the places and ask questions. The quality of the food. How long is given at meal times. What happens if someone doesn't complete a meal? Things like this. Hope this helped. Wish you the best.