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I just had a fight with my sister. We were talking about my gyn visit and she used terminology anatomy, and I freaked out. She knows I can not handle those words and uses them carelessly in front of me. She wanted to discuss my reaction and tell me how abnormal I am as I even freak no matter who says the word. She said I really have a problem. I told her I am working on it with my therapist but she wanted to talk about how I shut down the conversation with her just now. She said I wouldn't react that way with a pastor or anyone else who said the word and I said I do. She said you really have a problem. She lacks understanding of the trauma that certain words have on me and is angry that I react the way I do. Just because it doesn't bother her she can't understand how it bothers me so much. So now I am in a heightened anxiety mood after the fight and hearing the word. Yuk.

Hope you find Happiness in your Day Today

You deserve to be HAPPY. Just try and think good thoughts. Hope you are taking care of yourself.

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