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Made a mistake

I found myself doing a “detox” that obviously wasn’t healthy for me and my recovery, but I feel like I triggered my friends who are in recovery and went against my beliefs in diet culture and using ED behaviors without even realizing it.

I’m happy to say I’m back on track and I don’t participate in the detox, but I just feel so stupid and I feel like this toxic person now :(

In our culture, it is really

In our culture, it is really easy to get lured into detox/fad diet products, so I would most importantly suggest that you let go of beating yourself up for it. You were brave enough to admit it, and to make a change. Weight loss and the fitness industry is a billion dollar industry and have been creative in marketing dangerous products in the name of "health." The phrase "to thine own self be true" comes in handy to remind us that it recovery is personal. What other people think, and their opinions, may not always apply to what works for me. But my recovery is dependent on my rigorous honesty about my intentions for every choice I make. We are allowed to make mistakes and toxic people are not measured by the mistakes they make, but the behaviors they justify - like judgement, dishonesty, manipulation. You are not stupid, this is all part of the learning process!