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My New Schedule Hectic Getting Acclimated to Mornings Again...

Forgot The Pill 2 days straight in a row and almost a 3rd night went by when i finally realized that i hadn't taken my meds for a few days due to mornings being pre-occupied w/ a New Annual Routine Change...(Like the 1 i had b4 for getting my kitty his annual shots).

Still morning my kitty and acclimating to this New and Sudden Change in housing and having to rush around and secure my finances or feel terrified having all my eggs in 1 insecure lil nest).

Still need to deal w/ ALL New House Taxes, and this year is overwhelming in just downloading lists of local CPA's to help me get through this 1 time deal. This is my Current Hot Spot...

I felt so stupid as this has hardly ever occurred in all my yrs taking The Pill. I feel extra bloated and grossed out on the insides just knowing oodles of old eggs are being Released in me for the next month...Just in Time 4 Labor Day(yay).

Good thing I feel in total control still and it hasn't induced PMS cravings prematurely from my body now being in a state of PMS-MS...ish.

I cut my meds all down by 1/2 in order to have quick morning energy for my new mornings awake routine. Even my night med is in half and am sleeping actually quite well.

My appetite is actually extra calm and not feeling so hungry at meal times, and have extra energy to walk now after my day job, and during the break at mall job too.

I feel good only now can't control my period and don't have a clue when it is going to stop spotting. I just want it over with and yet i caused it to happen...

My weight is still down, and am still looking at jeans and Calvin suits at work and trying to mold my body into these fashions which I have fallen in love with. I collect things.

It was Monster High Dolls a few yrs ago. Now I collect stamps to pay my New Apartment and U-Verse bills with, I collect clearance clothing, I keep ordering online shoes and returning them as my feet are too wide for the mediums and too narrow for the wide work flats bought online and created somewhere overseas where everyone's feet all must be the same exact shape and width.

Hopefully, I may begin steadily collecting my paychecks and not spending on impulse. Just paid a $400 Medicare bill,ughhh. That wiped out my budget for the next few months.

My niece is pregnant so am shopping online for her maternity clothes. The state where she now lives is super hot.

For now, i focus on her maternity wear and soon will send baby clothes in about 6 months or sooo...

So that is a new obsession to cloud my scale obsession, though I can't help but keep noticing how the jeans fit or don't fit me during work breaks...