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I just wanted to check in and see how you have been doing since you posted last.

Things where good.

Things where good bettween us for couple weeks. But got real bad again. Not enough text space to explain everything. I’m just so fed up. Only way this gets better is if I give in. Take accountability and say I’m sorry for my actions. She refuses to acknowledge her part. I unfortunately blew up and pointed out all the things she doing to us and how she is treating us, the disorder and what it’s creating in our relationship, etc. I know that’s wrong thing to do. Now I’m bad guy who is brow beating her she says. And she says everyone thinks it’s wrong of me. And she says her parents told her to come stay with them. I don’t know how true that is. They know exactly how she is, how she acts. I believe she manipulates the kids and her parents to believe what she wants them too. She pushing away and losing a good husband. Her rage and anger yelling at me and even the kids it’s become too much. I’ve recorded lots of it hoping one day she would see how bad it gets or her parents listen to it or someone just so I don’t continue to think I’m crazy and I’m the problem all along. I’m under so much stress. I’m not leaving kids behind. So I have to just accept it.

You could

Always take the kids to a safe place with you for domestic violence. Yes, verbal abuse is considered domestic violence. They don't deserve to witness this. Do what you can to keep them safe. I know it's hard, but at this point it sounds like it's necessary.