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Binge Eating Recovery

Sup, everyone. This'll be my first post.

So I've been struggling with binge eating since 2012 now, and decided to do something about it in 2017. It's never shown physically because I like to keep fit.

I went and got therapy and have been actioning the steps. They've worked for the most part, but it's so hard. Sometimes I won't even use them because the urge is so hard to get rid of. It's overwhelming. I have goals in life and fitness but in that moment, then and there, nothing else matters. I just want to be filled with food. In the following days, my productivity is at an all time low.

I'm trying so hard with the dealing with the urges, but they accumulate (e.g. I'll deal with them one day, then they'll come back stronger the next). I want to get out of this. I'm scared to let people outside my family/past therapists know, and I don't go out drinking with my friends because I'm terrified of gaining weight through excess calories.

I've no idea what to do anymore. I just want to stop doing it.

Bit deep, but that's the truth, lol.

I can totallly relate

I’m a very fit and strong guy and I eat fairly healthy, but when it comes time to eat with my family I splurge. In my case, I found it easier to not overeat by drinks tons of water. I’m still sturggling with binge eating so I can’t give you a good solution lmao. I hope you the best.

I would never recommend this

I would never recommend this for most people, but yes - drinking does help. It's a 'better than' sort of scenario in my case - better to drink plenty of tea than to lose control over my diabetes by binging.

First, though, you have to make the steps. Even baby steps help. The longer you go without binging, the less likely it is that you'll continue.

Have you got any areas you'd like to work on?