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Anxiety and stomach issues

ive been having stomach issues for months now got blood work an CT scan about a month 1/2 ago done rectum checked for blood all came back clear GI Doc says u have no blood in stool so u have IBSD but my stomach just doesn't feel right frequent stomach rumbling , and "D" mucous in stool occasional , excessive gas, occasional stomach aces really get to me my mind keeps convincing me thats its so much more then IBS my constant fear and anxiety over thinking that i have some stomach disease is taking over my life i wake up every day in constant fear ive tried anxiety medicine but it made my "D" worse a little so im doing it on my own. its so hard to live like this . before this i used to be so happy never down now im the Opposite on im always depressed my wife is frustrated with me because ive lost all motivation to do anything but think about my gut its literally taking over my life im scared to eat certain things cuz i dont want it to give me "D" so i eat the same thing basically every day to give me solids tired of living like this i just want to be happy with my amazing family. does anyone have anxiety with stomach issues? has anyone else been diagnosed with IBS without a colonoscopy and fears its something like IBD?


Hi there,

Unfortunately we can not diagnose or provide medical advice here so it is great you are working with a treatment team to continue to address your concerns. Keep communicating with them about your concerns!

I would suggest

Going to your doctor to get checked out. As is mentioned, since we are not medical doctors or medical professionals, we cannot diagnose what you are struggling with.
A side note: we are not allowed to provide links to sources other than the NEDA website.
I hope you find answers soon, and I'm sorry you're having to go through this.