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What sensations to expect physically during recovery?

My sister has been anorexic for several years. She is finally changing her eating behaviors, and has put on X (very needed) pounds. She is also recovering from the after-affects of a concussion sustained in a car accident last April.

She has complained to me about feeling lightheaded and dizzy during this period of re-feeding. She describes it as her brain threatening to "power off", coupled with a feeling of falling forward. Her neurologist does not seem to think these symptoms are a result of the concussion. What physical sensations have you experienced during recovery? Did you have any strange or troubling symptoms? What is a good online resource that describes the recovery process in detail, so that my sister knows what to expect?

Recovery Expectations

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Hello. I am happy to hear your concern for your sister. I am glad she has chosen to begin recovery. It is a difficult decision but a good one. She will need your love and support.. Unfortunately, I am unaware of the particular symptoms you are describing. I think it is best to ask these questions to a doctor as everyone is different. I don't know of a web site either but we aren't allowed to give out these sites that are not approved by NEDA. I didn't have my sister's support while in recovery. I think it is loving of you to want to be there for your sister. I am sorry you had to wait so long for a response and I am not being very helpful. I just want to encourage you that her journey will have its ups and downs and may be a while before she gets to a healthy place in her mind. Her body may be restored before her mind and emotions are. It takes time. So hang in there and thank you for being there for your sister.