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Inpatient or residential treatment in DC area - recommendations or guidance?

Hi, My 16 year old daughter will probably have to go into inpatient or a residential program in the next week or two. We live in the DC are. A few places have been suggested, but it's so hard to know where to go and who to trust. I would be so grateful for any input into how to chose the right place (and how to avoid the "wrong" place). Any thoughts for us? Thank you!

IP or RTC in DC area

Hi cda123,This is a great question.  Please be aware that your post was edited as it contained specific treatment facilities.  If you have further questions about treatment options, NEDA may be able to help. NEDA can be contacted at: Helpline 1-800-931-2237
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Text "NEDA" to 741741

When doing research

Make sure to look up Google reviews and read the experience other people who have gone to the facility have had. I made sure to ask around and look up the ratings different facilities have had as I have struggled with an eating disorder. Maybe call your insurance company and see who the cover. You can also ask NEDA for names of places. I wish you the best.


There is a treatment facility in Towson, MD that I recommend. They have a comprehensive program that offers support at the inpatient, partial hospital, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels. This offered me support as I transitioned from higher to lower levels of care. It's also within an hour's drive from DC.

Generally, when looking for treatment providers, I highly recommend finding places and people who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders.

Also, look for a program that involves regularly-scheduled family therapy or education for families on how to be supportive. I can tell you love your daughter and are very concerned about her, such a program would support both of you so that you can help her when she transitions back home.

Best wishes

What do the people who work there think ?

One other thing you can do is look at those websites where employees talk about what it's like to work at a place. Frequently by the hired counsellors who are actually doing the treatment. Such reviews are often revealing I've found.