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Working towards recovery but scared of gaining

Hi! I just want to give a little background but i have not been diagnosed with anything but i’ve been through phases where i restrict and then try to get better which was basically just avoiding the scale and not looking to long in the mirror. It would last a few months and then i’ll relapse back into restricting especially after getting in the scale. and seeing weight gain. This time around i’ve been restricting but now exercising a lot like multiple times a day. This is week two of me trying to “recover” but it’s been full of over eating in one meal and i’ve realize i’ve started slowly adding rules again like certain times to eat breakfast lunch dinner, calorie counting, and checking my weight. I’ve gained weight but i’m scared to go back to my original weight only to freak out and relapse. I also should mention i don’t have a support system really, my mom supports my eating habits and sees it as me watching my figure. But idk what to do and i don’t think my mom will let my get actually help so i’m on my own.

I can totally relate on the

I can totally relate on the switching back and forth between restricting and “recovering” and I also don’t have a supportive family. My mom enables my behaviors big time and encourages me to lose weight so I totally relate!!!
I know you said you don’t have a support system. You do have these forums and there are tons of online support groups too. I encourage you to reach out to the helpline Tuesday and try to find some more support! Hang in there! You got this!

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