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Where do I begin?

My body is my enemy and I can't escape it. I eat whenever possible, except when I don't eat at all. I want to do is get better but I can't. My school work is suffering and this hurts my parents too. My depression is also consuming me where do I begin?

Theres so much pain beind

Theres so much pain beind your words... I know its hard to believe you arent alone in this experience, but I can honestly relate to your story. Just today I felt as tho I was drowning in depression, a burden to my family, unable to fight the eating disorder that is taking over my life. Its a very hard place to be. I wouldn't be making it if I didnt have a dedicated team of people who care for me, like my boyfriend and brother and doctor and counselor. Have you ever considered counseling or therapy? Have you tried reaching out to the NEDA helpline to look into some options for counseling or maybe a support group?
I promise you are not alone. Is there anyone in your life you can reach out to and who can provide that valuable support and encouragement we all need to get through the daily battle of having an ED?


I just wanted to welcome you to the forums as well- I'm so sorry that you are struggling. Know that you are not alone, as many of us can relate with what you're going through. I want to echo what the previous poster said- what are your thoughts on reaching out for support, whether professional help or a friend/family member? Do your parents know what you are going through?
I know it everything seems so hopeless right now- but I want you to know that recovery is possible. We are here for you <3 Hope to hear from you again soon.

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