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the cinderalla diet

Now we have another potentially dangerous fad going on. The Cinderella diet. This diet causes individuals, mostly young women, go below a healthy weight and use dangerous behaviors to get there. It is in the news today. 4-4-18. Why can't people leave us alone. We have constant bombardment with the diet commercials which we know don't work and don't last. And they are filled with lies. Now we have this dangerous new but not new, diet on the market to harm the targeted audience, young women. But it can affect anyone as we know. I am tired of the cracks and remarks and jokes and comments. What can we do about this new Cinderella diet? How can we as a community make a difference. Let us just not be upset but take action. I just don't know how to.

without the diet industry

Weird stuff on the Web.

Yes, you certainly see the strangest things on the web these days ! In the pre-web days, it was different : People were not trying to trick us or cheat us or lie to us as a regular part of our daily lives. But now it happens multiple times a day.

I'm not sure we'll be able to stop that, so it seems like people will just have to become more critical and less gullible, you know ?

But yes, it's like trying to fool or deceive people has become this big industry of it's own these days, using methods and applying psychologies that become more sophisticated all the time.


There are literally people cheering each others ED on, on Instagram, etc. Does anyone know how to deal with this. I get extreme comparison thoughts, and just angry that people could do this. How do you guys deal with this?


Hi, I just lost what I wrote. So here it goes again. I would stay away from these sites. They do nothing but feed the eating disorder mindset. Try to avoid these sites and magazines and media that is triggering for you. It will be very difficult to recover when you are always looking at other people's bodies. Especially if they are brings you down and makes you want to be competitive. So I encourage you to just stay away from these sites. I wish you the best.