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it's holiday time and i'm spending my time with my family. i'm happier than i've been for a long time and so i'm eating also more. the problem is that at home i work out every day but here i don't find the time. it's triggering. i feel so bad because i tell myself i can only eat if i would exercise it away. this thought is ruining my time with my loved ones and brings me close to relapsing. do you have any advice? i need someone to talk :(

Hey redblue. Hope you're not

Hey redblue. Hope you're not feeling too blue. From what I'm hearing, it seems that you're feeling stressed because you're not able to stick to your normal routine and that you feel like you're at risk for relapsing. But I'd like to know if you're just now feeling the threat of relapse or if it has been present before your holiday visit?

I get the impression that most people don't feel the urge to "work off" their everyday meals even if they eat a little more than they normally would. May I ask how long this urge has been going on? And if you've dealt with ED symptoms in the past, how might you use past strategies to help you combat ED thoughts? Most people find that having a robust support network of friends, family, and health professionals to be the most effective when it comes to working towards and maintaining recovery.

I found these two NEDA links which might be good food for thought:

Hope that helps a little.

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Hi Redblue-

Just wanted to check in & see how everything ended up going for you while at home? It's so hard- ED thrives on change, when we're out of our normal routine and habits- that's when those thoughts, the guilt and shame creep up. Just wanted to see if you were able to find a way to combat these thoughts? I know that in my recovery, journaling as well as talking to my therapist have been key for me to work through harmful thoughts. If I have the desire to restrict, being able to uncover what is underneath that and challenge it.
Just know that you're not alone and we care about you here <3


Hi- I can really relate to the feelings of being out of control when faced with obstacles to normal work-out routines. I have several months completely free of all ED thoughts and behaviors and the biggest tool in my recovery has been learning the importance of acceptance. I remind myself several times a day that I am not in control of everything and situations happen that are not as I would like them to be, maybe I have to eat a meal I wouldn't normally eat at a function or skip a day at the gym, and I accept whatever it is as just the way it is. If I accept things as they are and quit trying to be in control all of the time, I find I am genuinely happy all of the time. I do this in situations at work as well when I am feeling challenged by a situation and unsure of my abilities, and if I practice acceptance it always works out. So you can't exercise for a few days but you get to enjoy time with your family and that is special. Try accepting your situation as being perfect the way it is and let go of the need to control things, and maybe you will feel some relief and have fun with your family. You will work-out again, don't worry!

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