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Why can't I gain?

I've been seeing an eating disorder specialist for about 3 months now and ive only just started trying to gain weight. Before all I wanted was to lose weight and I didnt want to get better but now whenever I'm weighed and the number is lower than last week I just feel so terrible. I'm trying but I feel like nobody believes me when I say that. I'm eating everything in the meal plan and I'm not purging and a lot of the time I feel like I'm gonna burst but I'm still not gain in weight. Does anyone have any reasons why or tips to help me gain a bit?

along the same lines

hi! i read your post and can relate. I've been seeing a therapist for 2 months now and I've felt now that I've been following a meal plan and eating foods I was "afraid" of I've actually lost weight and cant gain as well. I unfortunately cannot provide gain advise as I am in recovery as well but I feel what keeps me "okay" with this for now and not feeling terrible is as long as I am properly eating and not purging the number isn't important within healthy range. what IS important is your health of proper eating and taking care of your body and not purging. I hope this helps knowing you're not alone!

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