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"The Quick Fix"

When I was eleven, my doctor told me that I had an eating disorder. I had no idea what it was and I wasn't trying to hear it. I was annoyed my mother had even brought me there to begin with. I was getting bullied every single day about being "fat" and "ugly". I am currently twenty one and still struggling. I am in and out of remission. I love being able to encourage people with eating disorders because I feel like they understand. However, now I am asking for help again.

I have been on a "Quick Fix" kick. I have tried all kinds of supplements there are that promise a quick weight loss. I don't want to be addicted to this stuff. I want to lose weight but in a healthy way...but this is all I have known for years. I understand diet and physical activity are GREAT, but those of you who suffer from Anorexia know how fast that weight comes anxiety makes me feel like old habits are the way to go...but my rational mind says it's just robbing my wallet.

Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Advice is welcomed as well. I don't want to fall back into the toxic lifestyle I know all to well. I just don't know how to soothe the anxiety. Thanks for reading!

Quick Fix

Hey there tayycassidy96, I think there is a fine line between wanting to be "healthier" and the ED. Since you say you were in and out of remission and don't know how to stop yourself from falling into bad habits, would you consider seeing a dietitian? They can help you make the right choices without going into extremes. Best of luck!

New habits

Hi- Thanks for writing in and for reaching out for help, it's great to have you on the forum. As I am not a professional I don't feel I can offer too much advice. The real issue, however, seems to me to be dealing with your ED. Do you have a therapist or support people that you are communicating with in order to manage your ED? I think if it's been going on since you were 11 years old that it is a serious issue which requires serious work. Losing weight won't fix the ED, unfortunately. I have been up and down with my weight over the years due to my ED and right now I find myself on the upper end of my weight fluctuations. There is major temptation to engage in behaviors to quickly lose a few pounds, but that won't address my ED at all, I'll just feel more comfortable in a certain size of pants but worry incessantly that I'll "blow it" and gain back the weight. It never ends and has the power to destroy my daily life as I become consumed with weight, calories and exercise and am troubled by racing thoughts, anxiety and depression. I am about to start therapy with someone who specifically works with ED and I suggest that you should do the same unless you are already:) Thanks for utilizing this forum and good luck to you.

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