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Anyone had a Hysteroctomy and have severe weight gain ?

I am just wondering if it is the HRT that causes the weight gain or the hysteroctomy itself. I have PCOS and need to consider having my tonsils yanked....(being sarcastic).

I currently am on a hormone to keep my periods somewhat regular. Now they say I have a grapefruit size ovarian cyst in my ovaries and also a few bad fibroids too.

I thought of just putting this off a few yrs but apparantly my current Kaiser coverage may expitre in 2019. So i feel pressured into having this done in case i dont have full coverage after 2019.

This is causing me extra stress and focusing on my external parts that I am able to control like how my clothes fit and weight issues too.

Has any women had this procedure done and has it affected your physical body as far as the weight issues or severe mood swings a after the surgery.

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