National Eating Disorders Association

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Hello. I am someone who has struggled with an eating disorder and depression, anxiety and more. I am female. But I read through your post. I was so aware of how compassionate you are and how caring. I was going to respond just to tell you that and then at the very end...

I am dealing with my sister who has migraines, and several other medical problems, but I also think she is depressed although she denies it.. The past month she came out of her room to use the washroom and I don't know what else because I never saw her for a month. She lived this way at her home until she moved in with me. I lived in the home where my grandmother lived and my parents are three houses away. Sometimes I get angry, just want her to acknowledge my presence or existence. You are correct in that we need to accept the limitations of others. No one except my parents and more like my mom, accepts me mostly because of my eating disorder and self harm issues and many, many hospitalizations. My dad just wants to fix me and make me into a "real" fifty year old but I am around ten emotionally. So I then too, have to accept their limitations. Not easy!!!

I am not super active with the eating disorder except for overeating now. I was so ill I almost died several times. It scared them. I have been dealing with mental health issues since officially sixteen, but was told I was socially maladjusted in kindergarten, so all the way back there.

I am very impressed with your writing skills, and empathy. Are you a writer? How are you doing at this point in your recovery?

Well, I guess I'll go. Have a great day.