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Hi there, just checking in to see how you are? I miss you. I know God did amazing things with me in my short stay at the hospital. I believe He wanted me there. I will explain in another entry. I was just wondering how you are. You give out so much encouragement. So I want to send some your way.


Hi Iwanttolive,
Thank you so much for thinking of me! I apologize for the late reply-- I have been quite preoccupied with preparing for the holidays & spending time with family and friends, all that comes with this time of year. It is wonderful to feel showered with so much support on here. I am doing alright, just dealing with some issues at work-- finding out I am unable to move up to a full-time position like I thought I would be able to after a year. So that is disappointing but just trying to navigate my next move from here since I love my work but can't stay at part-time hours to be able to sustain myself. I am also decreasing my SSRI to see if that helps with the emotional numbness and apathy I have been experiencing, but that could mean increased anxiety and everything going wacky on me. So we shall see!
How are you doing? I will go read your latest posts. Thank you so much again for your continued support & care, it means the world <3