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Hello. I am writing to say hello but to also let you know that I had to go inpatient. I kinda had a little breakdown. I was trying so hard to be strong but fell anyways. I believe God uses all things for the good of them that love Him and are called according to His purpose, those that place their faith in Jesus. The problem is that my "behavior" was discovered by my dog who then carried it to parts of the house. My roommate has no experience with self harm and has been seriously disturbed by this experience. As a Christian she can not understand it at all. I am unable to educate her as she is not able to grasp it at all. She was very frightened. She told me she expects to never experience this again and what I do behind closed doors affects many other people and then she brought up my parents.

Glad you are home

Great job on doing the work to get home. I'm also a Christian and I get it. Some people have not been exposed to certain situations so it's understandable they feel uncomfortable.Glad things are better for you. Keep up the good work!

Hey iwanttolive.

Hey iwanttolive.
I'm sorry to hear things may have gotten complicated. Once again, I'd like to leave this phone number and link for you in hopes that you'll consider using them:
Self-Harm Hotline: 1-800-DONTCUT (366.8288)

- Adage

Welcome back I'm sorry things

Welcome back I'm sorry things were rough but you took the right steps and went inpatient when it was too bad sorry about your roommate that's tough I hope you can explain it to her and she understands better. Keep taking care of you. Sorry if this is not helpful.


Hi. Of course your message was helpful. Thank you. I think my roommate just needs time to adjust to the fact that I have a history. I am doing better. The short term at the hospital was needed and helpful. Got me on track. I am just disappointed that after almost ten months of behavior free I acted on impulses and hurt myself. But I am getting back up and starting from where I fell. I have not lost all the months of recovery, even though saying that is a little difficult to believe. I know God is in control and He works everything out and I believe there were people in the hospital that I spoke to about God who may not have otherwise have heard. Sounds strange to some but I really believe this. So, I did way too much on my first day home and took a long nap. Feeling better now.

I wish I didn't fall but I did and I will learn from it. I will maintain the same positive attitude about recovery and will not allow this to derail me. I will keep going forward. So thank you for connecting with me. It means a lot to me.

How are YOU doing? Please let me know. I am interested as I have been away and have been out of the loop. I'd like to know how my "family" is doing. Take care,


I'm glad you're back & feel like things are on track! I know it's hard to accept a downfall especially after being behavior-free for so long, but I'm glad you are in a good mindset of moving forward and not beating yourself up. And yes, God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. The glorious news is that when we fall short which we always will, He is still sovereign- growing you, moving in and through you, shaping you into the woman He created you to be in His perfect timing. His plan is perfect. I'm also glad to see your post that things with your sister seem to be improving- excited to hear more details about this later! You're great, keep us posted <3 We definitely missed you on the forums, it's been quiet around here.


Sending you hugs.

Welcome Back

Hope you stay in therapy and remember to call a crisis line when you feel like self harming please. You are so well versed on the Bible, that's a really nice gift to be able to refer to bible quotes when needed to defend what you believe. Try and pull out a few to keep yourself strong.


Thank you Chunkeymonkey68. I just finished e mailing my friends about my hospital stay and if you read through some of my posts you will see that I believe I was supposed to be in the hospital at this particular time. I got stabilized on my medication and am feeling so much better. I do not see it as a setback but as a resolve to stay in recovery it helped increase my faith in God. I know He had me there for a reason. I am home and retuning to my everyday life again. I see it as a continuance in my recovery. I feel stronger and more at peace.

Thank you for your encouragement. You too, keep doing your best to get through the Christmas shoppers. It will not last forever even though it may seem so now. By mid January it will settle down. Take care,

Glad you are staying on the

Glad you are staying on the recovery track that is great!!! I know you can do this you have come so far and maybe you were meant to go to the hospital sometimes we need that to stay on track. Keep fighting you are so strong and always so supportive to everyone here take care and just never give up!