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So the saga continues.
I'm doing my best but still really struggling with my eating disorder.
I am halfway stressed about being accepted at the residential facility I'm hoping to get in to. I have a back up plan in case I don't get accepted.
Since the insurance co. doesn't start until December 20th, the place I'm looking at can't get how much it will cost and the length of time I'll have at their treatment place until the 20th, but at least that's only 2 weeks from today.
I found out I can only make them as my primary insurance the day it goes into effect. Then it takes 48 hours to truly become primary insurance.
The place I've been in contact with still has yet to hear from my therapist.
So I've been stressed out by finances, insurance and getting into treatment.
Please continue to pray for me and this very important situation. I'm so tired of my eating disorder and symptom use and things along that line.

Thinking of you

Hey Savedbygrace - just wanted to stop by and offer some support. I'm sorry you're stressed about this, but you will have answers sooner than you think :) And it's great that you have backup if things don't go as expected with residential. Remember what you're doing this for - recovery! You deserve to be symptom free <3 thinking of you!

Thank you

I appreciate it.

You go girl.....

Persistence pays, as the saying goes...Good luck in the mean time kiddo.