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Finally Got My Period

After 2 rounds of antibiotics and being in hospital for a week, I finally got my period after 2.5 months and after 2 weeks of antibiotics. They haven't triggered any binges so far.

I am sooo bloated and craving carbs now. I ate a trigger meal for dinned and hope it doesnt trigger repeat meals....

I have been doing so good in controlling my weight gain, exercising after dinner nightly, and keeping busy daily at my 2 jobs.

I hope period ends very soon. My bladder has sooo much pressure on it and I feel powerless over the bloating.

I have been tempted to use my OTC water pills and exercise more vigorously due to the pressure and bloating Im currently experiencing.

You're becoming healthier

Chunkymonkey68: your post shows that you are fighting hard against those ED voices that want to harm us. It's a sign of health and recovery that you have gotten your period again. I'm so glad to hear that and proud of you. I hope you can keep up your positive momentum and continue to fight for your right to recovery.