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Runner & Binge Eater

Hello all. I am new here. Male, 32yrs old. I am a distance runner and at least once a week, I binge. I am an alcoholic and addict 5 years sober and can honestly say that, for me, cravings for sugar are the most difficult things to recover from. More than opioids, more than alcohol.

Like others on the forums, my problematic belief is: if I am not eating moderately, I will never reach my potential as an athlete. As a result of my binges, I am bloated most all of the time, even after consecutive days of eating nourishing foods. This throws off my balance and makes each morning run less enjoyable than it would be if I did not overeat. I am not progressing in my sport with a gentle and fun attitude because of my ED. I think about this constantly. The mental obsession is destroying the quality of my inner-life.

I cannot attend OE meetings in my area due to my work schedule and the meeting times. As a guy too, I feel it is hard to find other guys who struggle like I do. I have a couple girl-friends who I can share my struggle with, and they have been enormously helpful, but I still feel like I'm out in no-man's-land, literally.

I'm sitting here on a Sunday with sugary foods in my house but having just made a healthy meal for myself as a late breakfast. I would like to get through the day without sugar but I think I am going to cave - which basically means I am going to cave and tell myself, "tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll will start tomorrow."

Congrats on the sober Recovery from alcohol and anything else?

If you listen to yourself , it sounds like you really do know what to do and ya just gotta dive in and do whats right and makes you reach peak performance level for your running routine. Good luck and welcome to NEDA Forum.....

Thanks for Reaching out!

I am a runner too, and I find it really helpful to talk about this with a nutritionist who can monitor what I am eating and what I should be eating more of/less of to perform better in my sport.

Congratulations on the 5 years sober! That's a huge accomplishment!
I have an Uncle who is I think 14 years, and he regularly goes to AA and OE meetings as well. He agrees with you, food is harder because you can't just abstain from it like other substances, you need to continue balancing with it.

I felt like you before, feeling really alone, and that meetings never agreed with my work schedule. But at some point I had to make the decision to ask my manager for that one day off to stay the same each week so that I could go to at least one. It really helps to know that you are not the only one feeling like this in the world.
But maybe you could start with a nutritionist? Some of them have great flexible hours too! I struggle with not eating enough, and I know that I would not be able to run with the skill I have now if it weren't for my nutritionist guiding me along to eat what I really need to keep my muscles strong.

Do you live with someone else who has all the sugary foods? If you can't get rid of them completely, maybe keeping them in one corner in the pantry that is sort of out of sight out of mind for you? Instead of anywhere visible where you're going to see it every time you walk past it. If you don't wanna drink, don't go to a bar kinda thing.

Congrats on the healthy breakfast too man!! Breakfast is so hard for me, so that's awesome! Starting with the right choices for the day makes all the rest of them slightly easier to handle!! But my Uncle always says, just think about the "next right thing" and not too far after that. Also, if you mess up, you can always start the day over in the middle of it!

Thanks for posting on here! Keep coming back, it works if you work it!


Hi Steep-
Just wanted to check in and see how the last few weeks have been for you? I totally understand the struggle around binge eating. It is such a vicious cycle, and takes such a toll- I know for me on my energy as well as my mental well-being. It's so hard. Mainly just wanted you to know you're not alone & we're here for support <3