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I'm only slightly under what I need to be, but could that account for a weakened immune system?

I've been getting sick about once a month now, and for about a week or so at a time. I've struggled with my periods for a long time now, though now it's been a bit worse (when I do get them, they're further apart). & I recognize my exercise routine has picked up a bit. I'm wondering if this weakening my immune system...maybe I need to cool it on the running? It's hard for me to do that, but I don't want to feel even worse.

Slowing can be hard but it's worth it

Hey, I had the same thing going on. I was healthy for two to three weeks and then sick for one or two weeks. What helped me was only exercising when I really felt like it. It can be hard to listen to your body but only exercising when you feel really energetic and not stressed at all should help. Just remind yourself that you might not be able to exercise for a week if you do too much now. And unregular periods are usually just another sign of stress so slowing down a bit should also help that.