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I want to recover but I also don't feel like I'm ready. I keep saying I'll try better tomorrow but I don't. Everyone keeps saying you choose recovery so how do I know when I'm ready to actually commit I don't want to relapse another time. I feel like I'm so focused on image that I keep saying "I'll recover when I weigh x lbs" or "I don't deserve recovery because I don't have it that bad" idk what to do I'm tired

You can get help making the decision

Hi drea12: As you can see by my user name, I'm a strong advocate for choosing recovery. Of course that's easier said than done. But it's possible and you can do it. Everyone deserves recovery. No one deserves to be burdened by ED. Do you have people you can count on to help guide you? A good therapist, a doctor, a friend? The NEDA Helpine is a great place to start (800.931.2237). They are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you find information, therapists and more, so that "choosing recovery" becomes a real possibility for you.


I just want to second everything ChooseRecovery that put. You DO deserve recovery. You don't have to do it alone either; a support network really helps along the way. It can be a scary leap to take, but choosing recovery is worth it. Do you have a small step you can take towards recovery outlined for today? Sending strength and support your way!


Hi Drea12-
Just wanted to check in & see how you have been doing the past several weeks? Are you feeling any differently towards progressing in recovery? Sometimes it takes jumping in-- even when we have so many questions and feel like we aren't ready or may not be able to do it, we just have to say Yes. I want life. I want health. Choosing recovery doesn't mean everything is smooth sailing- it involves ups and downs, and even relapse. But a wonderful first step is just knowing why you want to recover & resolving that you can and will. Just want you to know that you are absolutely deserving of recovery and there is hope <3 I know how exhausting it is to keep struggling. Just know we are here for you in whatever point of recovery you find yourself at. Hope to hear from you soon! I will be thinking of you.